Science-Based Personal Protection

Science-backed innovation

ULTRA FIT™ Protects both you and people near you

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How to wear an ULTRA FIT™ mask

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The ULTRA FIT ™ Mask History

Advanced, low-cost mask protection technology born from research performed by a group of 300+ scientists, physicians, engineers, and makers at some of the world’s top hospitals and research labs. Read about Katharos Labs history here.

Solid Science

The ULTRA FIT™ mask was developed by leading physicians, engineers and manufacturing experts to provide superior protection at a low cost. Click here to see testing data for the mask

ULTRA FIT™ Masks 10,000 Masks

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Universal Fit


Closely forms to anyone's face for a comfortable fit

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Better Protection through Superior Fit

Less Fogging

Keep Glasses Clear

Superior sealing means far less annoying fogging

Custom Molding Gives a Feeling of Greater Security

Once molded to your face, the ULTRA FIT™ mask provides comfort, security and high breathability. Click the button below to see an instruction video on how to properly wear an ULTRA FIT™ mask.

Fits Everyone

Watch the Donning Instructions

What UltraFit™ users say...

I tried a lot of different masks after returning to work following my COVID recovery. The UltraFit was the most comfortable and closest fitting and almost completely eliminated the fogging of my glasses, a real issue with other masks.  No other mask made me feel as safe and secure"

Peter S.

Manager of Manufacturing, HMC

I really, really like this mask!

The moldable inserts allow it to seal better than any other mask. I feel safer, more secure, and my glasses don’t fog as much as other masks"

Chip Johns

CEO, Edson International

After using KN 95 masks for months, I found the mask surprisingly light and comfortable. The mask was easily fit to my face, did not fog my glasses, and was comfortable for long periods, particularly around my ears”

Scot Jones

CEO Groov-Pin Corp.