Science-Based Personal Protection

Science-backed innovation

ULTRA FIT™ Protects both you and people near you

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How to wear an ULTRA FIT™ mask

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The ULTRA FIT ™ Mask History

Advanced, low-cost mask protection technology born from research performed by a group of 300+ scientists, physicians, engineers, and makers at some of the world’s top hospitals and research labs. Read about Katharos Labs history here.

Solid Science

The ULTRA FIT™ mask was developed by leading physicians, engineers and manufacturing experts to provide superior protection at a low cost. Click here to see testing data for the mask

ULTRA FIT™ Masks 10,000 Masks

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Universal Fit


Closely forms to anyone's face for a comfortable fit

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Better Protection through Superior Fit

Less Fogging

Keep Glasses Clear

Superior sealing means far less annoying fogging

Custom Molding Gives a Feeling of Greater Security

Once molded to your face, the ULTRA FIT™ mask provides comfort, security and high breathability. Click the button below to see an instruction video on how to properly wear an ULTRA FIT™ mask.

Fits Everyone

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